Short animated film in which cave dwarf Perkmandlc presents a history of mercury mining
in the city of Idrija. Most illustrations were done by local painter Jurij Pfeifer. My role was to combine vast amount of materials into an animated story.

Film is now regularly played to younger groups of visitors. It´s a combination of animated scenes, archival images, videos and sounds. It was one of my most difficult projects,
but in the end the result was very good.
Enjoy a short promo video below.
Separate Waste Collection
Interactive didactic games on ecology for children. Issued on CD for Ecological Center of Pomurje. CD consists of several games such as puzzles and waste collectoin games.
My work involved combining students materials and creating new graphics
together with games, sounds and all the animations. Programming by Bojan Arah.
Skofa Loka Passion Play
Creation of multimedia video presentation (2006 and 2008),
for permanent collection of museum in Skofja Loka, Slovenia.

The Skofja Loka Passion Play, based on the ancient works of a Capuchin monk, demonstrates 20 scenes of the stations of the cross and others from the Old Testament and New Testament involving 900 local performers and 400 additional volunteers.
Performed every six years, it is considered a contributor to community identity and cohesion, transmitted by families, schools and local craftspeople.
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