A selection of logos I created over the years.
HEBA100 logo for a food supplements company.
They wanted the crown to be a part of the logo to communicate quality and class.
INISIS logo for a small IT development company.
Valic Teater is a family theatre of well known artists Valic father and son.
Logo was developed while working for Spletna postaja creative agency.
UGANDA 2013 is a donated logo for a couple of medical students on a voluntary mission to Uganda.
Base of the logo is a crane bird, national symbol of Uganda. Bottom part looks like a hand, because they are offering a helping hand. Stethoscope is what doctors use and the heart symbolizes work of love.
IGNACIJEV DOM DUHOVNOSTI is a logo for a catholic spiritual retreat house located in Ljubljana.
Priests of jesuit order run the place. Main part of the logo is a figure with welcoming embrace.
THINKMAZE is a logo for my side project with free mazes.
It´s one of my first logos I later redesigned. Creation process video is included below.
TOP QPON logo for a "deal of the day" site. They wanted to communitate luxury
and that is why I included the crown. Notice how crown is also shaped like a group of people,
indicating group buying. I also include the video if you want to see how this logo was created.
PRIVOSCITE.SI is another logo for a deal of the day company, same client.
Their slogan is "More for less money", affordable group shopping experience.
PROVERB logo for a translation company.
TOBOGAN is coworking place under Technology Park of Ljubljana.
They asked me to design a playful and vibrant logo for the young startup scene.
I selected colorful shapes in movement to convey action and variety of ideas.
They wanted me to combine this idea with their current logo of Ljubljana Technology Park.
Final result. 
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