Countdown Kings is a global project that started unexpectedly while developing a simple countdown timer for TEDx Ljubljana where I was a part of the organizing team.
Brother Luka and his wife Tina also joined and we now sucessfully run the operation worldwide.
Timer was first developed for TEDx Ljubljana and proved to be a great addition to our events. Prior to using it we had speakers exceeding their speach time which caused us problems.
Later the timer was shared with other TEDx organizers worldwide and we now made it publicly available as a free download. As to this writing timer was downloaded more than 100.000 times globally. From it we also developed other countdown timers. More on that below.
Includes extra features based on requests we were getting
from the people who downloaded our FREE timer.
Beside the regular numbers display we wanted to add a different representation of time.
Instead of numbers only we added a circle that indicates passing of time in a visual way.

Below is a screenshot of the webpage for this timer.

Escape Room Timer

-  Timer for Escape Rooms - 

We were contacted by escape room owners who were asking us for a specific timer.
It took lot of time and effort to create but in the end it was worth it.
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