Igor Donkov

Designer, entrepreneur, niche product builder.

Currently not available for hired work.
This site now serves as portfolio for some of  past projects.
Hi, my name is Igor Donkov and I work as a product designer.
With 15+ years of design experience I transitioned from client work to become global
by building various projects online. I learned a lot during that time.
I mostly do UX and WEB design work, coupled with marketing and some SEO.
I love building niche products where my strategy proved to be successful many times.
If you need help with your product and you want to move your company to a new level
I can most certainly help you.
Check some of DESIGN PROJECTS.
I worked for small and larger clients, design agencies as well as some charity organizations.
With every project I make sure that work is done on time, professionally and according
to the client´s wishes. I cooperate closely with my clients to achieve excellent results.
With skills, interdisciplinary approach and years of experience
I can definitively add value. I am also interested partnering into a joint venture.
Drop me a line if you are ready to boost your marketplace presence.

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